It’s Time for a New Thing

I’ll Prove You Have the Time to Achieve Your Goals

We’ve moved into daylight savings time which means spring is at hand. Can you sense the newness and potential of a fresh start? Spring is a time of beginnings and growth and its also a great time to evaluate what’s working in your life and what’s not.

Last night I asked a group of leaders I am mentoring what is the one thing in their life that they don’t want to stay the same and simply is no longer acceptable for them to live with. An overwhelming majority responded with their schedule. It was a burden.

The great news is that you the designer of your schedule and we all have the same 24 hours to manage. When you consider that it would be ideal to sleep 7 hours a night that accounts for 49 hours. A typical work week is 40 hours. We can budget about 3 hours a day for basic needs like eating, showering & grooming. An hour a day for exercise would be most excellent 5 times weekly. Another hour daily in personal development would be desirable, as would 30 minutes daily for quiet time, reflecting and journaling. Lets throw in an extra hour a day for managing your household. That accounts for 83.5 hours of your 168 hour week leaving you with 84.5 hours to chauffer kids, engage in extra curricular activities, socialize, commute, learn a new language, pick up a new hobby, or what ever else your heart may desire.

Activity Hours weekly
Sleep 49
Exercise 5
Personal Development 7
Work 40
Basic needs (eat, shower) 21
Quiet Time 3.5

Total 83.5

Hours left over 84.5

When you consider that break down where is it that you may feel stress from being at the mercy of your schedule? Take a closer look at how you are spending your time and the fruit that is being produced from it meaning is it something that brings you peace, joy, light and love or is it heavy, burdensome and actually taking you away from your plan and talents? Once you have identified the drains in your time, begin a plan to quickly cut them out and replace them with something that is more productive and less stressful. The goal is to delegate or eliminate what’s not working and free up the time for what’s possible.

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