Intolerant Sensitive or Allergic

Food Intolerant, Sensitive or Allergic?

Growing up, I remember one kid who had a nut allergy. If he ate nuts we were told his face would instantly swell and someone would need to coming running with an epi pen. I went to school with him for 8 years and thankfully it was without incident. Today, it seems that just about every kid has an allergy to something. Is that we have greater awareness and testing or is it that the foods (non-foods) we are consuming are so toxic that we develop an intolerance to them which progresses to symptoms ranging from unpleasant to debilitating and even life threatening.

When someone is intolerant or sensitive it’s a result of the liver not being able to break down chemicals and proteins. Sensitivities can result from poor digestion, an overabundance of a food or too much of a foreign / toxic food. One thing you can do is first choose wisely with organic wholesome natural foods being your first choice. Next chew food slowly so that a digestion happens in the mouth before it hits the stomach. Your intestines are not designed to break down whole pieces of hamburger and fries.

To learn if you are sensitive to a food, notice how you feel 20 minutes after. If your heart rate is increased, or you experience any symptoms or discomfort, eliminate this food from your diet. An elimination diet is a great way to see if you have a reaction to a food. Eliminate the food for 2 – 3 weeks and notice how you feel. Then slowly reintroduce the food and notice how you feel.

If you are allergic to a food your body’s immune system will react. If you are intolerant to a food your digestive system will let you know. Some common allergens include dairy, fish, wheat, gluten, nuts & soy. Before you cut those out from your diet, test out an elimination diet one at a time to see what you notice. You can also have allergy testing done. If you do have an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity consider what you can substitute you favorite food with! There are always healthy options and your body will be quick to thank you and even crave the healthy options for your body!

Regardless of your sensitivities or full blown allergies, it’s always a good idea to improve your digestive health and release toxic fat. To do so, follow the recommendations above, choose water as your beverage of choice. Begin each morning with a glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar, notice how you respond to certain foods and begin a cleansing and fat burning routine for 30 days. Here is the one I use with my clients. I know hhey love the results not only by the scale, but by the fact that they share it with their family and friends.