Fast food

Fast food = Fast Death!

We are in the 5th generation of people eating processed foods! People spend more money on fast food than computers, new cars, entertainment and even higher education combined! That’s resulting in health problems from anxiety and obesity to hypoglycemia, diabetes, autoimmune disease, over growth of candida and more.

According to several sources, the top 10 worst foods for good health are:

1. French Fries
2. Donuts
3. Potato and corn chips
4. Soda
5. Snack Cakes
6. Candy & granola bars
7. Fast foot burgers
8. Fat free cookies
9. Bagels
10. Pretzels

I would also add to the list pizza, ice cream, cheese, bacon and gourmet coffee. These foods stress your body out! If you consider the source of those foods and how they are processed and preserved I don’t think anyone would argue that these foods do much more harm than good!

You may have seen some of the documentaries where healthy adults go for a physical before embarking on weeks on a fast food only diet. Within a week they begin to become depressed, have brain fog, headaches, digestive issues, gain weight and have dramatic changes to their blood chemistries.

Eliminating stress causing foods from your diet immediately by emptying your pantry, refrigerator and freezer (an anywhere else you may have a stash in your office, nightstand, car or else where).

The old you may have consumed these disease causing foods, but the new you makes healthy and wholesome choices that your body will quickly thank you for! The great news is that your body does respond fast. If you are ready for a quick jump start to cleansing your body of harmful toxins, lowering stress, inflammation and acidity and boosting energy and longevity, I highly recommend this cleansing and fat burning system. It’s also available in dairy free and kosher.

Along with this system comes support and suggestions for healthy detoxifying meals. It’s my mission for more people to walk in health, aging youthfully in an energized body. I hope you decide to get started now.