Considering a Cleanse

Is a Nutritional Cleanse Right for You?

With all of the pollutantsin our air, food and water, most people would agree we could all use a detox. Add to that stress, sleep deprivation, in activity, medicine and alcohol and the idea of getting your cells and organs running clean sounds like a good idea. There are lots of detox programs out there from 3 days to seasonal. The one I recommend you begin with is 30 days and then depending on your goals you may continue on before moving into a maintenance plan.

The beauty of 30 days is that there is time to see a significant difference in your organs, blood and for your body to repair itself. 30 days is also a good amount of time to exchange less than desirable habits for more excellent ones. You can pick up an exercise habit, swap out for higher quality foods, improve sleep habits and more. In 30 days your clothes will feel loser, your energy will be up, mental clarity will have improved, metabolism will be faster, cravings reduces and blood chemistries improved!

The 30 day system I recommend which is a proven a fat burning, cleansing system ( releases 33% more toxins than a healthy diet plan alone. People also release more fat and keep it off in a maintenance phase. This plan is a supplement to making healthy choices such as on a Mediterranean style diet.

Revising your meals and beverages may take a few days to adjust to, however most people only consume 13 different foods so it may be a matter of swapping out those foods for the ones you currently eat. This is designed to work with anyone’s lifestyle so that you can travel, dine out, enjoy holidays and navigate any special occasions.

Start by purging your pantry of less than desirable foods. Then choose water as your prominent beverage, restock your kitchen with fresh organic fruits and veggies and stick to your list at the grocery store. When you combine these choices with the suggested 30 day detox system you can expect to release unwanted toxins and fat while increasing energy & mental clarity. A cleansed body awaits.