Can I have Alcohol on a Detox Plan

Alcohol on a Detox Plan?

When people are considering a cleanse or detox progam, their brain instantly goes into survival mode as they think of all the things they may have to deprive themselves of. The questions start streaming in. Can I have coffee? What can I eat after a workout? And then . . . what about wine or beer.

The truth is that if you can’t go 30 days without alcohol, there may be a problem! It would be most excellent to avoid or limit alcohol during a cleanse program. Yes, there is research that shows wine to have heart healthy properties, HOWEVER, there are many things you can do for heart that that do not include alcohol including exercise, deep breathing / meditation, eat a Mediterranean style diet, sleep 7+ hours a night, hydrate with water and so on. Besides you would need to drink a LOT of wine to get the heart healthy benefits. You would be better off taking a resveratrol supplement. The one I like is part of a daily vitamin pack specifically designed for men and women.

Those two glasses of wine at dinner, cold beer after work or happy hour to kick off the weekend can turn into an addiction and ultimately is high in sugar and feeds yeast that kicks off joint inflammation. Consuming this excess sugar converts to stored fat. It can dehydrate the body which slows metabolism & digestion and ages the skin and organs.

People are known to act depressed, paranoid or irritable who consume too much alcohol. Its also toxic to the liver. So, consider weaning off as you plan to begin your cleanse program. Keep a food and beverage journal to heighten your awareness of your consumption.

Having a nourishing cleansing system helps to reduce cravings for sugar and alcohol while ultra nourishing the body. Here’s the one I’ve helped over 10,000 people successfully use to release toxins, reduce inflammation, lower acidity and stress and improve energy and sleep.

By cutting out or cutting back on alcohol you can expect to increase your energy, mental clarity and reduce pounds for starters! Begin now to slowly cut back and the detox side effects will be decreased!