10 Things Every Fit Person Does to Enjoy a Lean Healthy Body

By Kelli Calabrese
Wellness Mompreneur

Do you ever wonder what fit people do differently from those who have not made an athletic lifestyle a reality?

If you think they were born with the special gene to release fat, and the motivation to meal prep, determination to get out of bed an hour earlier to exercise, choose water over other beverages and so on, think again. It takes mental, spiritual and physical conditioning.

While genetics does play some role in where fat is stored, recent studies show that you
have the ability to over come genes and express the positive side of a gene. At
any given time a fat cell can swell or shrink depending more on your lifestyle
(eating, sleep, stress and physical activity) than your genes.

Since the gene theory no longer holds the weight it was once thought to, where do the differences begin in attaining at fit body? If you had the chance to spend 24 hours with a fit person you would observe several key things that they do differently than the average sedentary American. Read on to understand and ultimately incorporate what decisions fit people make regardingexercise, eating
and recovery in order to live in a lean, healthy, strong and fit body.
1.Sleep well and wake up naturally. Fit people arise without an alarm
clock feeling energized, rested and hungry. They have set fitness goals and have a plan to achieve them. People who are fit fall asleep
easier, have more quality sleep and stay asleep longer than someone who is unfit.
Getting too little sleep is strongly associated with obesity. Sleeping helps the body repair, rebuild and recover.

2.Get prepared. Fit people pack their gym bags the night before, have clothes laid out for

exercise, toiletriespacked for a shower, clothes for work andan appointment in their planner for physical activity. They regard their workout appointments as highly as any other business or social commitment.

3.Exercise in the morning. Morning exercisers have the highest compliance rates and are more likely to stick to their program. As the day passes, they have a feeling of accomplishment and pride which is
reflected in their food choices, behavior and stress management.Morning exercise is the best way to start your day and ultimately influence many other positive decisions throughout your day. They may meditate during morning cardio.

4.Plan their meals. People who are fit and lean have set eating times, plan their meals around their workouts, and know what they are going to eat and when. Initially it takes a little work to figure out healthy meals and

snacks, but they do not leave eating to chance. Finding yourself headed to the buffet or drive through in a famished state is a formula for disaster.

5.Rebound from setbacks – Fit people do not let one missed workout turn into two or three. They get right back to their next workout and use the added rest to work even harder. They also don’t let one slice of pizza or cake derail their efforts. They move on to the next healthy meal knowing they exercise, sleep and eat well so they can have the occasional indulgence or missed workout without it affecting them negatively.

6.Make lasting lifestyle and behavioral changes. Fit people have
become fit over time, not over night. They empower themselves with information about fitness and eating and adopt one new habit at attime until its no longer something they work on, but instead something that is
part of their daily routine.

7.Separate the psychology of success from self-help snake oil
People who are less likely to fall prey to the quick magical solutions to health and
wellness. They know living longer stronger leaner years is a lifelong process and they reap the benefits daily. They know if it sounds too good to be true it likely is. They know from experience and they are also not making an emotional desperate decision relying on a quick fix.

8.Lose weight and keep it off
Fit people know that dieting alone is not
enough to achieve long term fat loss. Exercise plays a part in maintaining a lean fit energized body.

9.Use positive self talk
People who are fit use positive self talk. They
don’t beat themselves up with negative sayings such as “I am fat”or “

I am lazy”. Instead they say “I am strong”, “I am powerful”, “I nourish my body”and“I am thankful to be moving my body”.

10.Set and Accomplish Goals
Fit people have a realistic goal in mind
when they train. For some its being a certain size or having a particular waist measurement. For others its competing in an event or fundraiser that is near to their heart like walking for breast cancer or cycling for
leukemia. When one goal is accomplished antoher is set and there is a deliberate plan to achieve the result.

If you want to live in a lean fit, strong unstoppable body, choose one of the 10 components listed above and decide to tackle it. Once you have tackled one, move on to the next component you are ready to incorporate. Over time the more of these habits you incorporate, the more living in afit body and
loving the reflection that stares back at you in the mirror, will be comean every

day reality.

Kelli Calabrese MS, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Mompreneur.31 year fitness nutrition and wellness coach. Has helped tens of thousands of people achieve results with weight loss, energy, performance, youthful aging and wealth creation.