Why Hire Kelli to Speak
at Your Next Event…

Make an Impact. You want to compel your audience and give them a power-filled life-changing experience they will always remember, go home and apply what they learned and want to come back for more.

Kelli talks about the lifestyle transforming things that can be applied to bodies, business, families and finances. Your attendees will leave with strong takeaways they can easily put into action.

I have seen and had Kelli Calabrese speak multiple times at events. She is a Rock Star! Not only is she a great presenter, her content is relevant and impactful! Plus she comes from the heart and is 100% authentic and caring!

Kyle Wilson, Founder Jim Rohn Int, Author of
“52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends”

Polished, High Energy, Professional. Kelli keeps the attention of her audience with her content, stories and thought provoking questions. She’s known for helping people take action, creating change and getting results.

She started leading group training at the age of 17 and began speaking on stages when she completed her 3rd college degree at the age of 22.
People are inspired to level up. Kelli’s enthusiasm, accomplishments and results with her clients inspire people to betterment. You can’t help but want to be better after listening to Kelli share her impactful presentations.

Action! After listening to Kelli share her message you have an overwhelming desire to take action and to follow through! She has the ability to remove fear, inspire massive action and a humbleness that makes the listener know it’s possible for them.

Sean Murphy CLC, CSTI, CATA
Author of the best-seller
“The One Thing That Changed Everything”
Kelli’s Coaching Comes to Life. For over 32 years Kelli has been coaching people in the most challenging area’s of change including weight loss, athletic performance, youthful aging, life ownership, leadership growth, personal development
and more.

She shares some of the tools she uses to inspire her clients from the stage and the audience can take it home to their teams and families.
Tailored message. Kelli wants to know about your audience and speak their language. She wants to help you achieve
your event goals and will work with you to promote the event.

The opportunity in having Kelli lead a vision casting working for a group of top achievers was highly impactful. Her wisdom, knowledge, and heart to serve made a lasting impression and helped steer the direction of my associates for the year ahead.

Kim Black, CEO/Founder
Dragonflymind and The Power of E3
Connection. Kelli shares the hard things that people can relate to and also gain hope from. Through her 32 years in business and life, audiences can connect with her on a more personal level while also learning solutions for change.
Leaves it all on the stage. Kelli puts 100% into everything she does. She sees speaking as an honor and is fully
committed to making the greatest lasting and positive impression on the audience, leaving everyone with tools and hope to fearlessly reach their goals.
Action Taker. Kelli is a doer. Every person in the room will leave believing they can be, have, do and serve more then they ever have. You can’t help but be energized and fired up for so much more than what currently exists.

We were truly inspired and energized by Kelli’s talk!

David Roberts, Co-Founder Business Growth Network
CEO Roberts High Performance
Experienced. Kelli has been on all of the big networks, appeared in thousands of interviews and media outlets. She has spoken internationally, on cruise ships, in large venues and was the replacement keynote for Michelle Obama when she could not attend an event for Blue Cross. Kelli knows what it takes to move audiences to greatness!

Kelli is the real deal. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and healing through the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend getting to know her and having her speak for your group.

Eberhard Samlowsk, Former Surgeon, Entrepreneur


With 32 years as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Coach and Professional Trainer, Kelli can speak to all topics related to health, fitness, nutrition wellness…
  • Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy World
  • Metabolism Makeover
  • Health is Your Greatest Wealth
  • Youthful Aging – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger
  • Nutrition for Athletic Performance
  • Nutritional Cleansing and Intermittent Fasting for Health & Permanent Weight Loss
  • Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness
As a business owner, corporate fitness manager, founder of a school, top achiever in a networking company, lead online training expert, international trainer, magazine editor, media spokesperson, mompreneur and #1 Amazon® Best-Selling author, Kelli is also equipped to speak to a variety of leadership, motivational and personal development topics including:
  • Becoming a Top Achieving Mom or Dadpreneur
  • Moving Away From Pain and Towards Pleasure
  • Vision Casting – Activating Your Future Self
  • Living in Divine Health
  • How to Do More, Be More, Have More and Give More . . . By Doing Less
  • You in 5 Years – Magnifying Your Best Self